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First and foremost, I’m a friend and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, who ransomed me from sin and death. I owe all I have and all I am to His grace and mercy, and I live to glorify Him. If you don’t know Him yet, I encourage you to get acquainted! E-mail me if you have any questions, please read the Bible for yourself, and check out a good local church.


Pastimes of mine include reading, animation, drama, singing, swing dancing, playing the piano, travel, and photography.


I am a graduate of the University of Washington, which I entered through the Early Entrance Program, and a member of the University of Virginia School of Law class of 2004. I subsequently received an LL.M. degree in Air and Space Law from McGill University.


After law school, I clerked in Washington, D.C. for several months, then joined the world’s greatest Air Force, in which I continue to serve. All content of this site is my own and is not in any way intended to represent the views of the Air Force.


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